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Google Adds Speech Input Feature in Chrome 11
April 28, 2011
Recently, Google updated the Chrome stable channel to 11.0.696.57. The update also mitigates 27 security vulnerabilities.
Security Researchers Caution Smartphone Users on Information Security Threats
April 27, 2011
Recently, security researchers identified security flaws in Wi-Fi, which could be exploited to extract sensitive information and conduct identity theft and fraud.
Apple Patches Security Flaws
April 18, 2011
Recently, Apple released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in various products.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Resolves Security Flaws in Internet Explorer
April 14, 2011
Microsoft has patched four privately disclosed vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet explorer (IE). The security update resolves the use-after-free bug, which was successfully exploited during the Pwn2own contest.
Google Mitigates High-risk Vulnerabilities in Chrome Identified by Security Experts
March 28, 2011
Recently, Google updated Chrome Stable and Beta channels to 10.0.648.204. The update mitigates six high-risk vulnerabilities.
Apple Releases Mac OS X version 10.6.7, Mitigates Bugs
March 23, 2011
Recently, Apple released version 10.6.7 for Mac OS X.
Microsoft's Monthly Security Update Mitigates 4 Vulnerabilities
March 10, 2011
Recently, Microsoft released three security bulletins, which address four vulnerabilities.
Cybercriminals Initiate DDoS attacks on South Korean Websites
March 4, 2011
Recently, South Korean websites suffered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
Mozilla Patches 8 Critical, 1 High Risk and 1 Moderate Risk Vulnerabilities
March 3, 2011
Recently, Mozilla released patch for 10 vulnerabilities associated with Firefox and Thunderbird.
Google Launches Chrome 9
February 7, 2011
Recently, Google launched new stable version of Chrome Browser
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