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2010: The Year Of P2P Vulnerabilities
December 1, 2011
2010 has seen its fair share of threats and vulnerabilities in the network security scene. One such vulnerabilities that appeared is the P2P vulnerabilities.
Google Introduces New Warning System to Alert Users of Malware Infection
July 20, 2011
Google has initiated a new malware warning system, which alerts users to the possibility that their computer systems are infected.
Attackers Target Apple, Steal Confidential Information
July 4, 2011
Recently, Anonymous group reportedly claimed access to administrative login credentials associated with an Apple server.
Google Updates Chrome Stable Channel, Patches Multiple Security Flaws
July 1, 2011
Recently, Google updated Chrome Stable Channel to 12.0.742.112 for all supporting platforms.
CIA Investigates Alleged Security Breach
June 16, 2011
Recently, cyber-attack group targeted the website of Central Intelligence Agency.
Microsoft Patches 34 Flaws in Latest Security Update
June 16, 2011
Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday addresses 34 vulnerabilities.
Oracle's Latest Advisory Mitigates 17 Security Flaws in Java SE
June 9, 2011
The latest Critical Patch Update by Oracle addresses 17 vulnerabilities in Java SE.
Adobe Issues Out-of-Cycle Update to Mitigate Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in Flash Player
June 7, 2011
Recently, Adobe released an out-of-cycle security update for Flash Player to mitigate a universal cross-site scripting flaw.
Automattic Issues WordPress Update, Patches Security Vulnerabilities
May 27, 2011
Recently, Automattic issued an update for WordPress, the popular online blogging and publishing platform.
Security Professional Discovers Vulnerability on Professional Networking Site
May 23, 2011
Recently, a security researcher identified vulnerability associated with cookie management by LinkedIn.
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