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There's Nothing Funny about Identity Theft
February 12, 2013
Cybercrime is now a common phenomenon; either you could become a victim or fight back by becoming more aware and utilizing the various tools available to safeguard your identity.
Windows 8 Further Raises Concerns of Portable Data Security
November 19, 2012
Windows 8 has posed new security challenges for data security in general, many data security software are expected to have compatibility issues. Therefore, it makes sense to do your research on which data fortification suite work best with Windows 8.
Kingston Data Traveler 128GB, A Computer Geek's True Companion
November 8, 2012
With its rugged design, it can shrug off bumps, bruises, and perhaps even a bit of dousing. With its 128 GB storage capacity, you can rest assured than you'll always have the additional storage capacity to spare.
Cyber Terrorism Is My Top Worry, Says Chairman of RSA
November 1, 2012
Enterprises are at an increased vulnerability due to widespread availability of sophisticated cyber-weapons. Realizing the seriously imminent threat, experts now have a valid reason to worry.
Windows 8 Exceeds Benchmark Expectations
October 17, 2012
Windows 8 meets and exceeds expectations despite what critics have to say. However, it's imperative to remember that Windows 8's performance will vary from PC to PC.
USB Secure, Fully Compatible with Windows 8
October 3, 2012
With windows 8 soon to be released, it's fair to say that third-party software compatibility issues are bound to occur. However, you can protect your portable data by researching on which security software works best on Windows 8 operating system.
USB Secure, A Powerful Tool For Defending Your Portable Data
August 7, 2012
No one is safe from e-crimes, not even large corporations or ordinary citizens. Moreover, when it comes to e-crimes, no one will be out there to defend your privacy rights, when it comes to data theft or other e-crimes, you are on your own.
Up to 66% Off to Purchase KakaSoft's USB Security Latest V1.10
July 11, 2012
KakaSoft, a leading provider of Data Security solutions, has announced a new release version 1.10 of its ultimate USB Security and launched a promotion event from July. 08 to August 18, 2012. In the promotion period, all users can enjoy a discount of
USB Secure-Save 25% on your purchase of USB Secure.
May 10, 2012
File security is a critical matter for anyone no matter what your background is, it concerns us all. With USB Secure, you can rest assured that your files will always be safe we are truly dedicated to file security and therefore are offering a summer
Power Protection for your USB and External Drives!
March 20, 2012
Since the sizes of these storage devices are small enough that they can be carried in your pocket or in your hand bag, there are fairly prone to accidental loss or misplacement.
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