USB Secure, Fully Compatible with Windows 8

With windows 8 soon to be released, it's fair to say that third-party software compatibility issues are bound to occur. However, you can protect your portable data by researching on which security software works best on Windows 8 operating system.
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Beaverton, OR ( October 3, 2012 - Beaverton- September, 27th, 2012 --Portable storage devices are one of the hottest computer peripherals in the consumer market. Virtually everyone utilizes them to transport data from one medium to another. However, carrying data freely without protecting it comes with a price, a price that can end up costing you more than you bargained for.
If you're thinking data theft, you're right! Data theft in today's society has become prevalent and is more serious than it sounds, as many folks tend to merely disregard the term 'Data Theft'. So why is your data so valuable to criminals?
Good question, data contained on your lost or stolen portable data storage device may contain valuable information, such as trade secrets, schematics, tax-returns, e-statements, resumes (which usually contains your name, address and other personal info.) the list of useful information is endless.

This data can then be used to steal your identity, conduct crimes, or sell your intellectual property. For those who know the real dangers of data theft, they have taken precautionary measures to protect their data with portable data security softwares which are widely available on the market.
However, as history has taught us well, that every time Windows comes out with new operating systems, software compatibility concerns are not far behind. Consequently, these device locking software are no exception either.
As Windows 8 becomes commercially available people are bound to encounter problems with software compatibility. According to Jonathan Ladd of, people will risk losing their portable data protection once they upgrade to Windows 8, and there's nothing they can do about it.
Ladd further explains, that though this is a concerning issue, not all hope is lost, as developers of USB Secure (portable data security software) have already re-engineered their software to be fully compatible with windows 8. Users can protect their portable data by purchasing USB Secure ahead of time and can feel free to upgrade to Windows 8 when it becomes commercially available for sale next month.
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