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Facebook: A Stomping Ground for Identity Thieves
March 15, 2013
Social media has posed new challenges for online privacy. Your private information is available for everyone to see on the web. If you want to protect your privacy, your best option is to give up using social media all together.
Facebook Blocks Its Users from Posting Links from NBC
February 25, 2013
Threats on the internet come in all forms, as we have learned that no entity is immune from cyber-crime, no matter how big or small that entity is. Your only defense it utilizes various protection tools that are available on the market.
Personal Computer Privacy: What You Need To Know
January 28, 2013
Think twice before letting anyone use your personal computer, you may just be compromising your privacy. If you are left with no choice, then you can avail different software that can assist you in safeguarding you private data.
Folder Lock Lite Released In Response to Rising Incidents of Personal Data Theft
January 16, 2013
Data security software are fast gaining momentum among a variety of demographics, in the past, it was just corporations who needed to protect their data. Now, even the average citizen using a PC at home is looking to utilize such software.
Tourist Data Theft in China: What You Need To Know
December 13, 2012
When travelling abroad, executives must be alert and weary of snooping spies. Data theft is not uncommon in countries such as China and Russia where government will often spy and look with suspicion on foreigners.