Folder Lock Lite Released In Response to Rising Incidents of Personal Data Theft

Data security software are fast gaining momentum among a variety of demographics, in the past, it was just corporations who needed to protect their data. Now, even the average citizen using a PC at home is looking to utilize such software.
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Beaverton, OR ( January 16, 2013 - According to Jonathan Ladd, senior security analyst for, as technology becomes more of an integral part of our daily personal lives, so do the threats that come along with it. Your personal documents saved on your home computer such as, copies of passports, tax returns, e-statements and other documents containing sensitive personal information are vulnerable to theft.
Professional identity thieves are well skilled at stealing your personal data without you ever finding out about it be it through your wifi connection or through other more sophisticated means.

Once they gain access to your private data, they can use that data to conduct criminal activities in your name, take out loans or apply for credit cards, which can result not only into a bad credit score, but it's possible that you can get in trouble with the law.

Trying to resolve cases related to identity theft can take years. However, majority of these cases never get resolved, meaning that you'll have to live with the frustration of dealing with creditors, lawyers or even federal law enforcement agencies if someone stole your social security number or other identity related data.

Therefore, as technology becomes a necessity of life, it's vital that you embrace technology responsibly. Sensitive documents should be locked and hidden away from snoopers and hackers. Software like Folder Lock Lite works best in this sense.
Folder Lock Lite has an easy to use user-interface that can be used by practically anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. With its drag-and-drop interface, protecting files and folder couldn't be easier, once you've done that, your data is automatically locked and hidden. What's more is that its stealth mode feature enables you to discreetly use Folder Lock Lite, fooling snoopers who may be standing behind your shoulder.

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