Personal Computer Privacy: What You Need To Know

Think twice before letting anyone use your personal computer, you may just be compromising your privacy. If you are left with no choice, then you can avail different software that can assist you in safeguarding you private data.
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Beaverton, OR ( January 28, 2013 - A personal computer can contain a lot of private information. Think of a personal computer as your room's closet - it contains stuff like dirty underwear, moldy sweaters, or perhaps sweaty shorts. Now, can you imagine allowing anyone to go through your personal closet - probably not! Therefore, believe it or not, personal computers are like closets, a little digging can reveal a lot of private stuff - which in turn can lead to embarrassing moments, if someone happens to go through your computer.

However, when a friend or relative asks if they could use your PC to check emails or update their facebook status, you are least likely to say "No"-- since you don't want to be rude. On a different note, you have to be extremely stealthy to hide personal data on your PC, and chances are big -- your guest will discover your hidden or not so hidden secrets on your PC. There are many ways a guest can go through your personal computer history. Here is a list of popular methods:

Fiddling through your browser's history:

It's likely that you haven't cleared out your browser's history in the past few days. Therefore, it's likely that whoever is using your PC will possibly go through your browsing history. So, say for example if you have visited a raunchy website in the past week, it's possible that your guest may have discovered your vulgar activities. To make sure no one discovers your browsing activities, you can invest in a history cleaning software, and some software can automatically clean web histories.

Going through your personal media files, bank statements, or other confidential files:

Browsing history is just one part of the problem; it's very probable that you have some images, videos, PDF documents that you don't want others looking at. However, that could be hard if you haven't password protected them. Your guest, out of curiosity, will likely access them - when you're not around - not looking. Therefore, in order to hide and lock such data, you'll have to invest in data locking software such as Folder Lock Lite

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