News by Tag: Aviation is Giving Away a Full HD Camera to Pilots to Make Stunning HD Videos
March 11, 2013 is an aviation directory that started a contest where pilots and aviators can win a full hd video camera. This contest is mostly powered by social media.
Troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gets Its Own Live Social Stream
March 4, 2013
Aviation directory launches a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Social Stream on their website for the troubled 787.
Skynet Aviation Group announces its Partnership with Royal Pacific Capital.
February 13, 2013
-Skynet Aviation Group (SAG) and Royal Pacific Capital to participate in a joint venture partnership.
Front Range Airport Receives Full Funding for Spaceport License
November 26, 2012
Front Range Airport is ready to launch its bid for spaceport licensing with full funding commitments from strategic partners.
Can a Fuel Additive Really Improve Fuel Economy and Reduce Engine Breakdowns? Independent Tests Prove it Can.
October 11, 2012
Biocide Disinfectant Kills algae, bacteria, fungi in diesel, aviation, kerosene, heating fuels.
Flight Simulator Titles Out-Flying Console Rivals on Value
October 9, 2012
As the economy remains on shaky ground, gamers are taking to the skies in order to find value-for-money.
TIPS ON COST-CUTTING Pilots tell AI how to save Rs 452 crore a year
May 16, 2012
Mumbai: Polishing and cleaning aircraft exteriors on a regular basis results in about 1% less fuel burn from reduced air friction at high speeds. A 1% saving translates to Rs 72 crore per annum.
Turkish Airlines rises together with its employees...
March 16, 2012
Wishing to acknowledge the vital role its staff have played in the airline's success, Turkish Airlines and project partner Boeing have prepared a surprise for its employees;
A Private Pilot License Looks Good On Any Resume
October 19, 2011
The private pilot license is the basic pilot license. Even if you are not a professional pilot, having a pilot license on your resume shows that you are outgoing, adventurous person.