A Private Pilot License Looks Good On Any Resume

The private pilot license is the basic pilot license. Even if you are not a professional pilot, having a pilot license on your resume shows that you are outgoing, adventurous person.
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Los Angelas, CA (prHWY.com) October 19, 2011 - The private pilot license is the most basic pilot license. If you are pursuing a career as a pilot, it is the first step. The private pilot license is the first license you must get.

The main restriction with the private pilot license is that it does not allow you to fly for compensation. To fly and be paid you must get the Commercial pilot license. The private pilot license is basically equivalent to a standard driver's license for automobiles. It allows you to fly for fun and recreation and travel. With your private pilot license, you could travel all around the world. It is internationally recognized.

The private pilot license requires 45 hours of logged flying time as a minimum. Usually, the most common method of getting your pilot license is through a local flight school. These lessons are more of a "go at your own pace" style of learning. You could finish the training and get your private pilot license in as little as 2 months up to a couple of years. How long it takes is up to your skill and dedication.

The cost for the private pilot license is about $8000. It varies by flight school but it is good to set aside a budget of about $8000-$10000 for your lessons. These costs cover airplane usage, lessons, flying and ground-school. Ground school is where you learn in a class-room like environment about theory and required knowledge of pilots such as terminology, meteorology, and geography.

To learn more about the Private Pilot License, Check out Chris Woodward's site. It has the fullest detail on licensing costs and requirements.

You can also find pilot career information and career prospects.


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