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Expert in Penny Stocks to Buy, Peter Leeds, States That The Stock Market Has Reached an Encouraging Capitulation Point
August 6, 2012
Stock market analyst Peter Leeds has announced that stocks are near a capitulation point, resulting in significant upside for many of the penny stocks to buy they follow in their online newsletter.
Oil Sale Embargoes Against Iran Stepping Up This Week, According to Peter Leeds, Penny Stock Pick Analyst
June 27, 2012
Sanctions against Iran's ability to sell oil are kicking in this week, with efforts from both the European Union and the United States being fully initiated between June 28th and July 1st, according to Keith Johnson of the Wall Street Journal.
Financial Analyst and Authority on Penny Stocks, Peter Leeds, Announces Stop-Loss Opinions on Future Penny Stock Picks
June 26, 2012
Peter Leeds, authority on penny stocks, author, public speaker, and publisher of the Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter, announces stop-loss opinions on all future penny stock picks.
Expert in Penny Stocks to Buy, Peter Leeds, Announces Buy Price Opinions for All Penny Stock Picks
June 21, 2012
Peter Leeds, an expert in penny stocks to buy, publisher of the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks to Buy newsletter, and author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks,'
This Summer Could Bring Strength to Stocks, According to Penny Stock Analyst Peter Leeds
June 14, 2012
Peter Leeds, professional analyst in penny stocks, states that American monetary stimulus, lower interest rates in China, and negative investor sentiment have all combined to set up the stock markets for a very profitable summer.
Charges Laid Against Alleged Penny Stock Scams Are Very Welcome, According to Penny Stock Professional, Peter Leeds
June 12, 2012
The Securities and Exchange Commission, along with the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, have laid charges on June 4th against several alleged penny stock promoters and insiders in Southern Florida.
Investors Should Be Cautious of Penny Stocks with Great Ideas, Warns Penny Stock Analyst Peter Leeds
June 8, 2012
Author and penny stock analyst Peter Leeds cautions investors to be careful with fundamentally weak penny stocks that are touting great stories or business ideas.
Expert Peter Leeds Reveals Which Penny Stocks to Buy and Which Penny Stocks to Avoid This Spring
May 1, 2012
Investors will be in a holding pattern this spring, watching several important events to give them some direction for their investments and their economic outlook.
Robot that Picks Penny Stocks a Scam as First Reported by Expert on Penny Stocks, Peter Leeds
April 24, 2012
According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, two British teenage twins were running a massive scam, touting a robot that could pick penny stocks. With 75,000 investors falling for the lies, Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks,"
Expert on Penny Stocks to Buy Peter Leeds Warns Against Story Stocks to Buy Like SNPK
April 18, 2012
Author and public speaker Peter Leeds, an expert on penny stocks to buy, warns investors to avoid what he calls "story stocks."
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