Expert in Penny Stocks to Buy, Peter Leeds, Announces Buy Price Opinions for All Penny Stock Picks

Peter Leeds, an expert in penny stocks to buy, publisher of the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks to Buy newsletter, and author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks,'
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Raleigh, NC ( June 21, 2012 - Peter Leeds, the expert on penny stocks to buy, author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks' [John Wiley & Sons], and publisher of the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks to Buy newsletter, has announced that all picks made by him and his team will come with buy target price opinions.

"We have already had short and long term sell price opinions on all our penny stock picks," states Leeds. "Now it seems like a natural extension to guide stock investors by offering them our high and low buy price opinions for all our penny stock picks."

Leeds states that he and his team now offer buy and sell price opinions for all the penny stock picks they make, and that those buy and sell ranges may be adjusted from time to time, depending on stock market events and trading activity.

Leeds indicates that buy and sell price opinions on their stock picks are just that - opinion. Leeds and his team are not financial advisers, and all buy and sell decisions in the picks need to be those of the individual.

As well, Leeds mentions that the buy and sell price opinions are only technically accurate immediately at the time of the penny stock pick being released, as subsequent events and trading activity can quickly cause the buy and sell price opinions to become outdated.

"This is just another offering that we have for subscribers to our penny stock picks newsletter," comments Leeds. "It ties in well with the full penny stock company reports, daily updates on past penny stock picks, and numerous learning and tactics articles on penny stock trading."

The Petert Leeds Penny Stocks to Buy newsletter also offers the quarterly Quick Fix report, which features 10 penny stocks to buy, all undiscovered, undervalued, and all picks are under $1.

Leeds suggests that investors in penny stocks keep the golden rule in mind - never follow free stock pick websites. Generally, if you get penny stock picks for free, the information is coming from pump and dump artists trying to get you to buy.


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