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Get In to The Shape You Desire, Overweight Is No More A Problem
February 26, 2013
One of the greatest problems faced by people today is having successful weight loss. One needs to keep him fit and fine.
How Obesity Can Be a Cause to Your Back Pain
November 1, 2012
According to a statement of the American Obesity Association (AOA), 64.5% of adult Americans are categorized as being overweight. It is becoming a global epidemic that is affecting both adults and children.
Being Overweight Is an Alarm to Diabetes
November 1, 2012
Physicians and researchers have revealed the relation between these two and expressed their concern over it as most of the adults of developed countries like the USA and UK are suffering from obesity.
Being overweight, what is it?
October 18, 2011
Being overweight is to have more body fat than would be ideal for the proper functioning of the organism.
Show BBW Pride & Be Truthful About The Real YOU
November 24, 2010
It is time to celebrate the beauty of real and confident people - BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and BHM (Big Handsome Men). Real women are sexy, confident and beautiful regardless of their size or shape.
Pet Obesity Continues to Grow in U.S.
March 10, 2010
Premium Press ReleaseNationwide study finds number of overweight dogs and cats increasing; owners of larger dogs and cats less aware of problem.