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Standardize Milk Labels and Caps Color Petition
April 15, 2019
Premium Press ReleaseHave you ever went to a different store and purchase a gallon of milk. To find that when you got home you picked up a different grade of milk. Don't always rely on the color of the label or cap. It could be different than what buy regularly.
Cri-report Robust Diary Market in China - 2012 Prospect
July 23, 2012
The output and total output value of China's dairy products have grown more than 10 times in the recent decade. However, the dairy consumption per capita of China is far less than that of the world average level.
Paneer Demand Rising in India
July 5, 2012
Paneer represents an integral part of many Indian recipes and its demand is continuously rising as both urban and rural disposable incomes continue to rise.
Cri-report China's Soft Drink Industry Soundly Growing
May 24, 2012
In recent years, the annual output of China's soft drinks increases at an average annual growth rate of over 20%. At the same time, the varieties of soft drinks are becoming increasingly diverse which provide consumers with more choices.
Demand for Paneer to Grow Robustly in the Coming Years
January 19, 2012
Driven by a strong demand from both the retail and the institutional sectors, the demand of paneer in India is expected to grow strongly in the coming years.
Global Giants Eyeing a Share in the Indian Dairy Pie
October 24, 2011
With the domestic demand of dairy products projected to outstrip supply, the presence of foreign dairy players in India is expected to increase in the coming years
Production of Skimmed Milk Powder in India Constrained by Large Scale Slaughtering of Milch Animals
August 17, 2011
A new study from IMARC Group suggests that it will take around 4 to 5 years for the country's skimmed milk powder production to reach levels that it had in 2008-09.
Demand for UHT Milk in India Expected to Grow More Than Three Folds During 2010-11 and 2016-17
July 26, 2011
Driven by a high shelf life and an increased convenience, the demand for UHT milk in India is expected to grow more than three folds during 2010-11 and 2016-17.
Indian Organized Dairy Market to Reach US$ 29 Billion by 2016
June 14, 2011
A new report from IMARC Group expects rapid growth from the organized dairy sector in the next five years