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Information Security Professionals Detect Trojan in Credit Score Checking Application
February 11, 2011
Recently, security researchers at Trend Micro identified a malicious credit score application in a public forum.
Popular Irish Recruitment Website Faces Data Breach
February 10, 2011
Recently, RecruitIreland, a popular Irish job portal alerted users on possible data breach.
EU Statistical Office Releases Internet Security Statistics
February 9, 2011
Recently, Eurostat released figures on Internet security in the EU region.
Anonymous Group Attacks Security Firm
February 8, 2011
Recently, attackers intruded into the networks of a security firm and extracted loads of confidential information.
Intelligence Agency Report Warns against More Cyber-Attacks on Swedish Institutions
February 7, 2011
FRA,the Swedish Signals Intelligence agency, has cautioned against more sophisticated cyber-attacks
Google Launches Chrome 9
February 7, 2011
Recently, Google launched new stable version of Chrome Browser
Offenders Charged With $1 Million Cyber-fraud Case for Conducting Unauthorized Transactions
February 3, 2011
The accused allegedly purchased credit card information extracted from websites based in other countries by their peers in the crime world.
Facebook Implements New Features to Enhance Security
February 2, 2011
Recently, Facebook announced some new measures to streamline security.
Information Security Researchers Reveal Vulnerability in Android 2.3
February 1, 2011
Several security research reports have cautioned users against increased attacks on Mobile phones and applications during this year. Recently, security researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) discovered vulnerability in Android 2.3
Information Security Experts Warn Against Rising Drive-by Attacks based on Java Functionality
January 12, 2011
In this case, attackers use the open connection method of a URL Class to connect a Trojan Application to the Internet.
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