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Health Care Providers can have improved Efficiency with EMR software
March 11, 2013 makes available Electronic Medical Records Software to health care providers.
Copyright enforcement group - Increased business intelligence protection
February 13, 2013
The advent of modern technology and the internet has changed each and every aspect of society, facilitating easy access to information. Launches its Publishing Service with 100% Royalties
September 25, 2012 finally ventures into publishing after four years of offering online marketing services.
Illegal File Sharing: New Essay Offers Different Perspective
September 6, 2012
Takers Economy examines the impact of the infringements on the artistic ecosystem and reveals how it reflects their ignorance of the oneness of all beings.
Senator Roy Blunt (SOPA Co-Sponsor) Snags Image From Blogger To Use As Twitter Background
January 13, 2012
Ultimate Press ReleaseSenator Roy Blunt's Twitter page uses a background image found from a BlogSpot user's personal collection.
Senator Claire McCaskill (SOPA Co-Sponsor) Lifts Image From Flickr User
January 13, 2012
Ultimate Press ReleaseSenator Claire McCaskill's Twitter page uses a background image from a Flickr user who has placed restricted usage (attribution required) on his images.
French P2P Monitoring Firm Suffers Security Breach
May 18, 2011
Recently, Trident Media Guard (TMG), a firm designated by the French government to scrutinize peer-to-peer networks for copyright infringements suffered security breach.
Mark Schadrack and Ropers Majeski Attorneys Secure Victory on Behalf of Cyclone USA, Inc.
June 8, 2010
Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley's Allan Anderson has helped successfully litigate an intellectual property dispute on behalf of Cyclone USA, Inc., recovering a verdict of nearly $3 million dollars.