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The advent of modern technology and the internet has changed each and every aspect of society, facilitating easy access to information.
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New York, NY ( February 13, 2013 - Technological advancements in internet are the main factors that accelerated the globalization process by facilitating the free flow of data. Removing the technological constraints, the internet revolution has created a dynamic environment where individuals can find everything they are looking for in matters of information. But wherever is a free flow of information, there is also an increased risk of data theft, an illicit activity that has been critically looked into over the last years. With more and more people easily gaining access to the online environment and the absence of monitoring, things have become very complicated, jeopardizing many reputed companies operating over the internet. To that extent, digital rights management has emerged as a reliable solution aimed to stop the consistent rise of data theft online. The concept of digital rights is quite vast and complicated, an ocean in itself, which can be explored by all the online content communities across the globe. In this age of information technology, this concept has taken the traditional rights management to an advanced level, for it is focused on encryption and security as a way of covering the range of issues of unauthorized copyrights. In other words, the main purpose is to monitor the access to content and limit its distribution to only those who pay for it. Nevertheless, this is only the core principle of digital rights management because its actual capabilities are much extensive and they cover many issues related to published content, such as protection, identification, description, monitoring, trading and of course, tracking of all forms of rights usage over both tangible and intangible pieces of content. Furthermore, management of rights holders relationships is also a highly important segment of the DRM.

Nowadays, businesses that are committed to the objective of building a strong brand must also learn to protect it by enforcing their particular trademark by brand thefts that are ready and eager to benefit from their success. For those who are not familiarized with the concept, it is worth noting that a trademark is virtually a word, symbol, slogan or sound, that is used to identify and distinguish a certain item or service from those of competitors. Therefore, the rights in a trademark are secured and ultimately maintained only by continuous use in commerce on certain goods and services. In this context, a copyright enforcement group is very effective in the fight against data theft. A copyright enforcement group is hired by copyrighting-holders in order to find and enforce alleged infringement of their copyrights. This industry sector has become very prominent after the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in 1998, in order to facilitate inexpensive non-judicial enforcement of copyrights. It is worth noting that trade associations also frequently engage in copyright policing and enforcement. However, with the ongoing success of the world's pirate parties, there are many debates related to the activity of a copyright enforcement group. The main controversy is that the fight against copyright enforcement and the fight for civil liberties are actually the same. Many people claim that the copyright monopoly cannot be enforced without cutting down civil liberties. Unfortunately, the discussion regarding the copyright enforcement in the online environment without abolishing the right to private communications as a concept should happen on the political level, but it seems that the authorities are not willing to make this happen in the near future.


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