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IT Professional Uses Tough Economy To Master His Finances
March 19, 2013
For some people the recession meant rough times for their finances. Read how one IT professional used it as a time to master his finances and overcome depression.
Professional blogger starts food blog to help aspiring food bloggers create better and more meaningful blogs
July 26, 2012
The blogsphere, blogscape, the world of blogging, whatever you wish to call it, has a blog or a blogger for just about any interest. Some write for the pleasure of writing, but a large percentage of those who blog do so with the intention of turning
Senator Roy Blunt (SOPA Co-Sponsor) Snags Image From Blogger To Use As Twitter Background
January 13, 2012
Ultimate Press ReleaseSenator Roy Blunt's Twitter page uses a background image found from a BlogSpot user's personal collection.
The Industry's Insight about Anti-Malware Testing
December 15, 2011
Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization is an organization that conducts anti-malware testing using the newest anti-virus programs. But, AMTSO faces controversies that they need to address.
Professional Blogger Reveals Secrets on How to Make Money Blogging
July 20, 2011
Professional blogger and Internet marketer Dave Drew shares his tips on how bloggers can drive traffic to their website and make money blogging.