IT Professional Uses Tough Economy To Master His Finances

For some people the recession meant rough times for their finances. Read how one IT professional used it as a time to master his finances and overcome depression.
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Burnaby, Canada ( March 19, 2013 - VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 19, 2013) - For some people the recession meant rough times for their finances. Read how one IT professional used it as a time to master his finances and overcome depression. Now he is prospering and happier than ever less than a year later.

Meet Jeremy Biberdorf, a website marketing professional in Vancouver, Canada. Although he had been doing professional website marketing since 2000, he happened to fall upon tough times when the recent recession occurred. For someone with depression issues this was a rough scenario.

At the time Jeremy was working for an e-commerce store whose major market is the US. So when sales slowed due to the recession, the company decided that they needed to scale back and resort to outsourcing some roles. As a result, Jeremy was out of a job in a tough economy.

The big challenge he faced was that his wasn't the only company scaling back in their marketing budgets. Suddenly there was an influx of website marketers looking for work with very few jobs available. For some people it might've meant time for a change in careers.

Recognizing this trend, Jeremy chose to put his future in his own hands and build his own source of income. In the past he had built up his own websites as a secondary source of income. So luckily he had the perfect skill-set to get through this situation.

Based on his previous experience, he knew that the finance industry was rather profitable. Plus he was interested in getting better at managing his money. Little did he know that he would discover just how much he needed to improve his financial habits. So when Jeremy started a personal finance blog called, he was in for a real eye opener.

While the finance niche is quite profitable, one of the main benefits for financial bloggers is the wealth of knowledge they gain. Overnight you get immersed into the financial world as you spend hours per day reading about other people's finance experience and lessons they learned. Then you pass on that knowledge combined with stories of your own financial past. As you network with other bloggers, that knowledge base just expands more and more. The support received from those bloggers was priceless too. Those bloggers truly become friends.

The financial blogging community ended up being one of the best things to happen to Jeremy. First he learned how to better get by with minimal income. He found countless ways to save money, everything from large savings such as negotiating better interest rates and small strategies such as unplugging appliances when not in use. With all of those strategies combined, he had a brand new outlook on finances. He also learned about the importance of planning for tomorrow and saving for retirement.

After a few months of blogging, Jeremy was making considerable progress with his blog. Due to his marketing experience he was making leaps and bounds. He even ended up becoming a finalist nominee for both the Plutus award for the best new financial blog and the best Canadian financial blog. The local tv news program also profiled him during a feature about young people planning for retirement.

All of the learning opened Jeremy's eyes to the fact that he need to get really serious about his finances and look for other sources of income while his blog was building up. Since there still wasn't full time work available, he ended up securing two part time telecommuting marketing gigs. A major factor helping him land these jobs was the motivation and confidence gained from blogging.

Jeremy knew he could do better though. So he kept an eye on the job posting and persistently applied for suitable jobs. Eventually he came across the perfect position for his skills and experience - doing website marketing for a financial company. This allowed him to leverage his contacts and industry experience, while helping his new employer. The company decided he was an ideal fit and hired him shortly after.

In the meantime, his blog was beginning to blossom and was starting to bring in an extra couple thousand dollars per month. While he could've got by on that money, it was now a secondary source of income on top of a well paying job.

Because of all of his money management learning, Jeremy is now on better financial standing than ever before. Instead of blowing all his money, he's now saving up for a mortgage down-payment and putting money away for retirement. And now he's happier than ever.

To learn more about Jeremy Biberdorf's story, visit his blog at where he writes about topics such as car buying, the best credit card offers, mortgages, emergency funds and saving money. Or contact him directly at with any questions.


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