Tanah Lot - Worship place for Balinese gods.

The Mt. Kailash which the sacred place for many Hinduism people and also for the Bon that is the Tibet religion. But the most spectacular view to be seen is in Bali at Tanah Lot.
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Newyork, GA (prHWY.com) February 20, 2011 - Mt. Kailash or can call as Mount Kailas, people call this place by any name. It is located in the western side of Tibet and is a striking peak in the mountains of Himalayas. Mt. Kailash is the way to the longest rivers in Asia. This mountain is been worshipped and has faith by four religion Hindu, Jains, Buddhist and Bon. Bon is basically the Tibetan religion. It is one of the biggest and highest mountains with the height of 22,028 feet and is a part of the Himalayas. The peak has a symmetrical diamond like shape which has four steep facades. If you notice the south face of the mountain has horizontal layers which create the appearance of swastika. This ancient symbol is the good luck sign in this part of the world. From the Mt. Kailash the source for the river is to Indus, Bramaputra, and Sutlej and from the other side the fresh water Lake Manasarovar.

There are many myth and mystery hidden behind the Mt.Kailash. In the Hindu mythology it is written that the Lord Shiva who is the destructor and regenerator resided in this mountain. It is regarded as the ultimate destination if one wants a soul or spirit from this world. There are various sects of Mt. Kailash in the Hinduism. According to the description written in the puranas the four faces of the Mt. Kailash are to be made of crystal, gold, lapis lazuli and ruby. There are many beliefs and a tradition followed by many people.the Tibeant Buddhist believes that the Mt. Kailash is the home for number of Buddha Demchok. It is the sacred mountain and also a pilgrimage center to the Bon in Tibet religion.

Tanah Lot is the most popular place located in the west Bali. By the local it is also called as the Tanah Let which mean as ancient land and other name is Tanah Lod which means the land to the south. Tanah Lot is the beautiful place which welcomes various tourists from worldwide. The main temple in Tanah Lot is the temple Pura which is constructed in the ocean front so that they can worship the Balinese gods. There are plenty of places to see like this place stands on the rocky island off to the southwest coast of Bali. Among the other temples the most sacred temple is the Tanah Lot which is been offered to the guardian spirits present in the sea.

This temple is the most dangerous one because the temple is been protected or guarded by many sea snakes seen in the caves below which guard from the evil. To enter the Tanah Lot temple one cannot go because it is not accessible easily to the visitors, but one can have the magnificent view by standing at various nearby points. The sunset here is so beautiful that visitors go to the terrace to watch the exotic view. The sunset sets behind the temple this wonderful scene can fill your eyes and make you to capture in the camera because the sun glows so bright behind the temple and immerges in the ocean. There are various facilities available like café, restaurants and accommodation if you feel to stay. Incase you have less information on the certain places then www.Sacredtravelguide.com will definitely guide you to make the best of your vacation.

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