Mobile app development driven ecosystem is important and hence overestimating Samsung over Apple will not be wise

With every Smartphone launch from Samsung, it is not really putting the final nail in the coffin of Apple.
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Hicksville, NY ( March 20, 2013 - There is an overdose of enthusiasm in the market for Samsung's new flagship baby, galaxy S4. While Samsung has periodically reveled its shipment numbers to prove its dominance, the profits still remains skewed towards Apple. The myth of 'Apple will be replaced by Samsung' and end of iPhone app development, has done too many rounds and sounds almost like a cliché these days. While bloggers have chewed on topics such as the end of iPhone or the downfall of Apple, it barely gets close to the truth. One cannot establish the supremacy of Hyundai over Audi, just because the former sells more number of cars. In the same manner the idea of Samsung becoming the king will not be a wise statement to make.

'Final nail in the Coffin'
No, it's not going to be the final nail in the coffin for Apple unless Samsung creates its own app store and its own ecosystem. And to create it will have to go beyond just packing 8 cores of processors. Microsoft is learning it now that how difficult it is to make people shift from one ecosystem to another despite the fact that they created a great OS for mobile (along with perusing Mobile App Development experts to create apps). Samsung might beef up the hardware of mobile devices, but its reliability remains tilted towards Android to a great degree. "There is a limit upto which increasing the hardware capabilities will make sense in a mobile device. I think with 8 cores we are already reaching a limit." says Aavik, android app development expert at Openxcell.

Reaching a limit
As already mentioned, hardware configuration in mobile devices will reach a limit one day. This is closely synonymous to the desktop market that evolved in the same pattern. However, the desktop could not utilize the potential of a closed ecosystem that could provide reliable content (apps) and keep the users hooked onto it. Apple knew the strategic advantage of such an environment and built on it to create a reliable mobile platform that gave its users a uniform and satisfying experience and also provided iPhone app development experts a reliable platform to build apps that comes with consistent performance. The huge marketing budget combined with its initial success have put Samsung at top but if it wants to earn profits and create a substantial ground for the future, it must focus on creating its own ecosystem. If that does not happen, after the whirlwind of specs settle downs, Samsung will be back to ground zero.

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