Restaurants and Bars Exposed: Restaurant Expert Howard Cannon Speaks Out

From hosting our weddings, anniversaries, and reunions to doling out roughly 78 million food-borne illnesses and 3,000 deaths, restaurants and bars can be dangerous places.
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Chelsea, AL ( January 28, 2013 - Did you hear the one about the seven restaurant employees that jerked off in a customer's Alfredo dish? Or the story about the cook who sh*t in the refried beans and served it to customers for nearly a week? How about the one where the beautiful little 6-year-old girl had a marble tabletop cut off eight of her fingers? Or the one where the disabled dining room attendant was raped by the four-time sex offender who was the kitchen manager? Perhaps you heard the one about the entrepreneur who sent a $35,000 franchise fee in to a well-known company then never heard from them again?

Americans have had a long-standing love affair with restaurants and bars; not only are they huge economic engines for our communities - accounting for nearly 12% of the entire U.S. workforce and serving over 600 billion dollars in food and beverage annually - but they are also where real life experiences play out for us all.

Restaurants and bars were the world's first social networking. In fact, the most important happenings of our lives - weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and celebrations of all types - take place in restaurants and bars; and, there is no better place to enjoy idle chit-chat, bond relationships, and celebrate life's milestones with those we care most about while breaking bread or knocking back a few cold ones.

But, make no mistake about it, none of the aforementioned stories are jokes - they actually happened; and, many more similar instances happen in this country each and every year, including roughly 78 million food borne illnesses and 3,000 deaths.

The reality is this . . . many restaurants and bars are very dangerous places for customers and employees, and are huge financial flops for many entrepreneurs, creditors, and communities.
Don't get me wrong, I love "great" restaurants and bars, and plenty of establishments across the land do things right, make money, and provide a safe environment; but, due to an ever-expanding pool of inept, disengaged and negligent employees, management and executive-level people making literally thousands of irresponsible decisions on a daily basis, the shocking number of illnesses, contaminations, injuries, and deaths, as well as, the shameful number of failures, frauds, and criminal acts taking place in restaurants and bars continue to climb.

Consider the following cases . . . Two teenagers and their shift manager being bound, placed in the freezer, then shot in the back of the head for $73 and some change; a high-profile CEO defrauding his investors out of nearly 3 million dollars and using the money to fund his personal yacht; and, three young men with blood alcohol levels exceeding twice the legal limit running into and over a family of four as they leave a movie theater - killing them on the spot . . .

"These stories may be shocking and disturbing to you, but they are a matter of the not-so-public, public record, and, since 1987, they have been an integral part of my everyday work life. I am Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, and I will use my no-holds barred approach to expose the dirty secrets and the naked truths. Because, in my world what you don't know about restaurants and bars can harm, maim, and kill you - and that ain't no joke!"

Howard Cannon has authored several books found in bookstores around the globe, penned more than a hundred articles, given dozens of speeches and seminars, and has been featured on a variety of national, regional and local mediums; including, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and journals. He has tens of thousands of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook views, and is America's most visible Restaurant Expert Witness.

Howard Cannon has been the CEO of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc., the parent company of Restaurant Expert Witness, since 1987. For more information, call 1-800-300-5764 or visit


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