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Star Trek Writer D.C. Fontana To Judge STARFLEET's Creative Writing Contest; Fan Club Sponsors Opportunity for Aspiring Authors
May 14, 2010
Premium Press ReleaseSTARFLEET, the world's oldest and largest continuously-active Star Trek fan organization, is honored to announce that the guest judge for the second annual STARFLEET Short Story Contest will be legendary writer Dorothy ("D.C.") Fontana.
Local Profile Pages technology helps save small businesses
May 13, 2010
Local Profile Pages help small businesses get ranked higher on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. With new features, it is now even easier for consumers to connect with small businesses in their neighborhood.
Wholesale Used Tires
May 13, 2010
iusedtires.com is one of the leading platform of wholesale used tires. We bring you the best used tires like used truck tires, car tires, used auto tires, etc. Our cheap used tires inventory is always ready to exceed your expectations.
iTopSoft Revealed the New Version of Computer Cleaner Software
May 13, 2010
There are many ways to clean your computer, however, is there a powerful software to make your computer just as a new one? The answer is Yes.
The Brain Trust Launches Turn-Key Solutions for Raising Investment Capital
May 13, 2010
The Brain Trust has announced its expanded business model by launching turnkey solutions for assisting its clients in finding entrepreneur growth capital.
IMaxPower finds new home in New Trent
May 12, 2010
The premier manufacturer of Lithium Ion Polymer (LIP) batteries consolidated its online presence under US-based New Trent.
For Curly hair, use natural hair products from CURLS
May 12, 2010
As each curly hair type has its specific set of maintenance needs,CURLS develop all its natural hair products keeping in mind this fact and offers products that can effectively treat naturally curly, black, biracial, multiracial and African American.
Put Social Media Marketing in the Hands of Professionals
May 12, 2010
Jenesys Group, led by Shah, counsels individuals and businesses in creating social media strategies by working with them to create active response and engagement across multiple online communications to help them connect with prospects and customers.
RISE Inc. incorporates Software Labs, Inc. xFusion SAP Business
May 11, 2010
RISE Inc. today announced that it has incorporated xFusion SAP line of business from Software Labs, Inc. of Sacramento, CA.
Fitness Entrepreneur's New Product, Which Makes Inline Skating Safer And More Fun, Is On Sale For The Summer
May 11, 2010
While recognized by fitness professional as one of the most effective methods of burning calories and increasing fitness, inline skating works the core like no other exercise. However, it also tends to be an injury-prone-sport.
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