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Hypnosis Power Pack Helps in Building Confidence
August 27, 2010
Confidence plays an important part in everyone's life. Some people lack confidence while some are extremely confident. Self-confidence is acquired from day to day experiences. Self-confidence helps you in achieving your goals.
Exclusive CDs by Hypnosis Power Pack Lets You Improve Your Memory Drastically
August 27, 2010
Hypnosis Power Pack is a unique collection of 18 high-quality audio CDs in which Randy Charach, the American Paul MacKenna, a professional hypnotist has helped thousands of people achieve their personal and financial goals during the past two decades
Desi Dieter Launches a New Diet Plan
July 21, 2010
Do you know Mediterranean countries have the lowest mortality rate? The incidence of Heart disease in Mediterranean countries is among the lowest in the world.
Mega-T Brand Weight Loss Products Class Action Lawsuit
July 19, 2010
Premium Press ReleaseConsumers who purchased (for personal use) a Mega-T brand weight loss product could get up to $60.00 or more back. The makers of the Mega-T dietary supplements have set aside a $2.5 million Common Fund to settle the Class Action Lawsuit.
American Body Science launches its online business.
April 1, 2010
Illinois based company "American Body Science" established in wholesale business in US and India launches its online business with free offers to provide quality health and body supplements to men and women of all ages starting from 4 yrs.
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