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The Most Popular Forex Platform Software
November 21, 2012
There exist only few reliable Forex platforms a new trader should choose form. Except popular Forex platform of MetaTrader 4 and 5, we can name several trustworthy.
Learn Forex & Earn Cash Back on Trades with Cash Mechanics
April 5, 2012
You can receive cash from us just by opening an account with FXCM through the cash volume rebate program. We offer a ½ pip rebate for every round turn trade you complete, which comes to a cash rebate of $5 for every standard lot.
Cashmechanics - Weekly Insight includes Price & Time Projections
January 24, 2012
At the time of last week's analysis the EUR/USD was trading at 1.26754. Our bias called for the EUR/USD to continue its decline towards the target zone of 1.25070 - 1.23897.
Cashmechanics Forex - EUR/USD: Short term bearish momentum
January 17, 2012
At the time of last week's analysis the EUR/USD was trading at 1.27188. Our bias called for the EUR/USD to trade within a choppy (sideways) market with a potential rally up to the bullish target zones of 1.31448 - 1.31721 & 1.32419 - 1.32711.
Forex analysis from in 2012
January 3, 2012
2011 was a wild year and 2012 is looking to be no different. Cashmechanics is offering web conferences through 2012 to help you get through your trades.
Cash Mechanics Forex News Update: Dollar Loses Strength as US Economy Rises.
November 23, 2011
This week, the US Dollar has been losing its strength on the Forex Market. Although this may sound like bad news to those of us who are heavily invested in the US Dollar on Forex, it also brings slight news of a positive relief for the US economy. E
EUR/USD: Look for Swing Point - A Cashmechanics Analysis by Al
November 15, 2011
At the time of last week's analysis the EUR/USD was trading at 1.37898. Our long term price analysis was bullish. The lower timeframe momentum indicators were bearish and we anticipated a short term decline of the EUR/USD over the next few days.
Forex Trading Signal Packages offered by
September 28, 2011 makes forex trading easier with our selection of trading signal services. Each service offers convenience, controlled risk and opportunities for every type of trader. Choose which one best fits your trading style.