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Have you thought of trading in stock market but never knew where to start from? - TIE INSTITUTE
January 24, 2013
TIE Institutes heads with the team is coming from USA just for you. Don't miss this opportunity.
France Revises Reporting Criteria to Grant Tax-qualified Stock Options, Free Shares and BSPCE
April 12, 2012
France revises the reporting requirement criteria to grant tax-qualified stock options, free share and Bons de Souscription de Parts de Créateurs d'Entreprise (BSPCE) on January 31, 2012.
Belgium: Tax Rates Increased for Equity Based Stock Options and Dividendss
April 12, 2012
Belgium's prolonged budgetary discussions resulted in an increase in tax on equity based payments particularly stock options and dividends where most taxable benefits on stock options granted will be increased to 18% from the current 15%.