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Hollywood Animal Actors Fight for Right to Collect SSI Disability
March 18, 2013
Hollywood animal actors have provided the world with tons of entertainment, but these delightful furry actors have been denied one right - the ability to collect SSI disability.
Nation's First SSI Disability Check Discovered in Buried Treasure Chest
February 13, 2013
Archeologist may have just discovered evidence that the country has always had an SSI disability system. While digging in an abandoned yard, archeologists discovered a buried treasure chest. What was discovered inside may change history forever.
Former Astronauts Seek SSI Disability for Mysterious Space Sickness
January 24, 2013
People often make SSI disability claims after receiving a diagnosis of a severe illness or being a victim to an accident. Common reasons for filing for SSI disability include cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and injuries at work
Mysterious Meteor Fall Leads to Man's Three Year Battle for SSI Disability
December 19, 2012
People stand a better chance of winning the lottery than getting hit on the head by a meteor, but for one man in Iowa he beat the odds. Harry Simon was hit on the head by a falling meteor.
Lawyer Wins Landmark 15,000 SSI Disability Case
November 22, 2012
The road to earning an SSI disability check isn't always easy. It is estimated that over 75% of all SSI disability cases are declined the first time an individual applies.
Longtime Police Dog Fights for SSI Disability Check
October 24, 2012
Stripes, a local drug/bomb sniffing dog for the Silver Lake police department, was always considered one of the guys. That was until he was left with an injured paw that put his career on the police force on the sidelines.
SSI Departments Slated To Redefine "Financial Need"
September 27, 2012
In a broad move this past week, The Supplemental Security Income Reformation Committee has decided that the time has come to redefine what it means to be in 'financial need.'
SSI Disability Begins New Theoretical Education Program
August 28, 2012
Supplemental Security Income disability administrators have decided that they are going to have an additional service that comes along with the money that is typically associated with people who get financial aid from the service.
Brave Animals Injured in NASA Space Project Collect Compensation
August 14, 2012
When NASA launched its space exploration program one of the first projects involved with that program involved sending several animals, along with their companions, to outer space. NASA has not publicly commented on the practice of sending animals