News by Tag: Social Engineering

Problems about Fake Anti-Virus
December 2, 2011
Many users are aware of the importance of effective anti-virus software for their computer. However, due to the proliferation of free-ware and fake software on the internet, it has opened new problems in security.
Scammers Target Internet Users with Counterfeit Anti-Virus Software
May 13, 2011
Internet users must be wary of social engineering schemes used by cybercriminals to extract sensitive information.
Proactive Data Security Measures Crucial to Prevent Unauthorized Access
April 29, 2011
Data security is the buzzword to maintain customer trust and unhindered business activity.
Canadian Government Departments Face Security Breach
February 18, 2011
Attackers used social engineering and spear phishing to infiltrate the networks of Canadian Government Departments
Anonymous Group Attacks Security Firm
February 8, 2011
Recently, attackers intruded into the networks of a security firm and extracted loads of confidential information.
Conference Series Targeting Technical Information Security Professionals Making Spring Debut in Dallas, Texas
January 7, 2011
EC-Council launches the TakeDownCon series - a highly technical information security conference series that promises to be an excellent knowledge acquisition and skills exchange platform.