News by Tag: Security Update

Apple Updates Mac OS, Addresses Several Security Flaws
June 27, 2011
Recently, Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.8 and mitigated several security vulnerabilities.
Microsoft Patches 34 Flaws in Latest Security Update
June 16, 2011
Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday addresses 34 vulnerabilities.
Oracle's Latest Advisory Mitigates 17 Security Flaws in Java SE
June 9, 2011
The latest Critical Patch Update by Oracle addresses 17 vulnerabilities in Java SE.
Apple Releases Security Update to Fight Fake Security Software Campaign of Cybercriminals
June 1, 2011
Recently, Apple released a security update to detect and delete MacDefender malware and other variants.
Automattic Issues WordPress Update, Patches Security Vulnerabilities
May 27, 2011
Recently, Automattic issued an update for WordPress, the popular online blogging and publishing platform.
Apple Patches Security Flaws
April 18, 2011
Recently, Apple released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in various products.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Resolves Security Flaws in Internet Explorer
April 14, 2011
Microsoft has patched four privately disclosed vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet explorer (IE). The security update resolves the use-after-free bug, which was successfully exploited during the Pwn2own contest.
Google Mitigates High-risk Vulnerabilities in Chrome Identified by Security Experts
March 28, 2011
Recently, Google updated Chrome Stable and Beta channels to 10.0.648.204. The update mitigates six high-risk vulnerabilities.