News by Tag: Security Flaw

Google Adds Speech Input Feature in Chrome 11
April 28, 2011
Recently, Google updated the Chrome stable channel to 11.0.696.57. The update also mitigates 27 security vulnerabilities.
Security Researchers Caution Smartphone Users on Information Security Threats
April 27, 2011
Recently, security researchers identified security flaws in Wi-Fi, which could be exploited to extract sensitive information and conduct identity theft and fraud.
SQL Injection Attack on Barracuda Networks Exposes Confidential Data
April 13, 2011
Recently, Barracuda Networks suffered SQL Injection Attack. The attack led to disclosure of confidential information.
Apple Releases Mac OS X version 10.6.7, Mitigates Bugs
March 23, 2011
Recently, Apple released version 10.6.7 for Mac OS X.
Personal Information of Students Disclosed on University of York Website
March 17, 2011
In yet another data breach incident, personal details of 148 students were published on University of York website.
Microsoft's Monthly Security Update Mitigates 4 Vulnerabilities
March 10, 2011
Recently, Microsoft released three security bulletins, which address four vulnerabilities.