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Sony Ericsson Faces Cyber Intrusion
May 27, 2011
In yet another security breach incident, cybercriminals intruded the servers of Sony Ericsson Canada.
Data Breach Incidents Attract Law Suits from Customers
May 13, 2011
Organizations are facing legal and regulatory challenges after security breach incidents.
Websites of Pravda, NASA and American Universities Face Security Breach
May 13, 2011
Organizations must conduct regular security evaluation to mitigate website vulnerabilities.
IEEE Cautions Members on Security Breach Incident
April 6, 2011
Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) notified members of possible data breach
Popular Travel Site Cautions Members on Security Breach
March 25, 2011
Recently, popular travel site, reported a security breach, which led to the disclosure of unspecified number of customer e-mail addresses.
Health Net Cautions Customers against Possible Data breach after Loss of Server Drives
March 16, 2011
Recently, Health Net, Inc., a United States (U.S) based medicare service provider reported loss of nine server drives, triggering fears of possible data breach.
Missouri State University Suffers Data Breach
March 10, 2011
Recently, Missouri State University (MSU) suffered data breach involving around 6,030 students.
Anonymous Group Attacks Security Firm
February 8, 2011
Recently, attackers intruded into the networks of a security firm and extracted loads of confidential information.
Researchers Evolve New Mechanism to Improve Operating System Security
January 28, 2011
The security researchers have evolved an approach, which comprises of three elements - attack identification, isolation of the security flaw and recovery.
Attackers Intrude into University of Sydney Website
January 21, 2011
University of Sydney has acknowledged the existence of a security flaw on the website, which caused leakage of confidential information related to students.
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