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Who is Cheating: Commentary from ExamSoft
February 5, 2012
Whether they are taking important school exams, or certification or licensing exams, exam takers are subjected to sometimes onerous security procedures.
Is it Possible to Cheat with ExamSoft?
February 3, 2012
Exam takers often wonder whether exam security systems can be breached. As a provider of such a system, ExamSoft implements both cheating prevention and post-exam cheating detection systems.
LifeLock Command Center Now Protects Americans from Many Types of Identity Theft
February 15, 2010
Identity Theft Labs introduces LifeLock's new Command Center service which protects people from other types of identity theft not just credit fraud.
New Technology Helps Small Business End Employee Misuse of Company Computers
February 14, 2010
Premium Press ReleaseComputer "key" keeps employees from wasting company time online and alerts owners to security threats.