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Shannon Sniff, M.D., Launches Fort Bend Psychiatry Clinic
February 6, 2013
Board Certified Psychiatrist opens new practice in Missouri City, Texas
President Obama has Psychological Problems, Labeled Destructive and Damaged by Psychologist Dr. Paul Fick
October 16, 2012
President Obama's failure as a president, in the debate with Romney, and with Syria comes from severe psychological problems, says respected psychologist Dr. Paul Fick.
Best West Los Angeles psychologist to guide and support you
February 10, 2012
The modern population knows enough about the importance of the services of a psychologist.
Educational Psychologist Reacts to U.S. Students' Poor PISA Scores
December 16, 2010
Premium Press ReleaseMelanie West, leading authority on right brain learning, explains American children are not prepared for success in new economy.