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Property Investing Made Simple
March 9, 2014
Plan! Strategize! Build wealth! How to avoid property spruikers, and reduce risk in property investing. My new book is launched. The first of it's kind, independent of any vested interests that other books have
Creating Sales is Made Easy by Jack Miller's Latest eBook
February 28, 2013
Cash Flow Depot, a real estate investor training website, announces the availability of Jack Miller's latest eBook entitled Creating Sales. This book is for brokers, dealers, owners and investors who want to convert equity into cash and income.
Real Estate Book Reveals Secrets to Earning Wealth without Risk
February 28, 2013
Cash Flow Depot, a site that is known for real estate investor training, has another book out entitled "Wealth without Risk". This real estate book teaches how to use creative and seller financing to acquire properties.
Did You Think About Your New Year's Resolution & Business Plan?
January 24, 2013
Marketing your business online is a key factor if you want to grow your Business and generate more sales and new leads. If you are just starting a business in the 21st century when almost every New Zealand household has access to the Internet
Canterbury Property Services Offers Investment Solution for Resource Sector Workers
August 18, 2012
Canterbury Property Services helps resource sector workers to invest wisely and save for future
KBR Capital Partners Announces Tactical Joint Venture with VII Peaks Capital
April 20, 2011
VII Peaks Capital has partnered with KBR to form VII Peaks-KBR in order to build a platform featuring investment programs utilizing the VII Peaks Capital Co-Optivistâ„¢ "cooperative-activism" approach.
KBR capital partners announces strategic expansion as Daniel Oschin joins executive leadership
March 14, 2011
KBR Capital Partners is an innovative national private equity firm and provider of alternative investments specializing in delivering quality investment opportunities to accredited individuals and institutional investors.