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Wireless Routers for Homes; Are they Even Safe to Use?
December 19, 2011
There are many homes with wireless routers or wireless internet connection. Because of this fact, many people are enjoying the free internet it provides, but unknown to the owner of the router, his connection can be used for evil deeds.
Management of Information Security
November 17, 2011
Information is not only a tool but an asset as well. Companies must have guidelines in information security to protect what matters most to them - information.
Google Intercepts Spear Phishing Attack Targeting Military and Government Personnel
June 2, 2011
Recently, Google unearthed a major spear phishing campaign, which targeted military, government and media professionals.
Security Researchers Caution Users on Facebook Malware
April 15, 2011
Recently, security researchers identified a new malware campaign, which targets Facebook users.