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Magento Hosting - What to LookFor Before Buying
May 2, 2012
Because the increasing recognition of Magento and internet hosting web sites, the desire has developed for web sites like these that host Magento.
CirtexHosting Drops Bandwidth, Disk Space Quotas on Hosting Lineup
July 16, 2010
CirtexHosting today announced a seismic-shift in the way it sells hosting services, dropping both bandwidth and disk space quotas in its entire line of shared hosting services, and dropping bandwidth quotas on everything else. It is also adding telep
Cirtex Corp. Upgrades Popular Affiliate Program, Boosts Payout to Unprecedented $150 Per Sale
July 7, 2010
Cirtex Corp today unveiled major upgrades to its affiliate program, which remains one of the most popular and lucrative in the hosting industry.