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Do you want to go for Juvederm instead of plastic surgery
January 23, 2012
People who want to look younger as they were 20 years ago without undergoing a plastic surgery must opt for Juvederm, a filler treatment.
Liposuction surgery
October 12, 2011
Liposuction is a simple procedure to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms. Quick Recovery, Reshape your body like slimmer, tighter & smoother.
Vaser liposuction surgery
October 12, 2011
Nowadays, with the advent of Liposuction techniques,the doctors are opting for vaser liposuction procedure. Well suited for excess fat removal on your body. Areas are Chest, Thighs, Knees, Calves, and Ankles, Chin & Arm,
Learn More About Celeb BB Darryn's Six Pack With
September 8, 2011
Learn all the ins and outs of liposuction cost and the entire process with the informative guide from
Renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Publishes Detailed Reports At Website
September 4, 2011
Dr. Golshani, a reputed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, has published a report on the seven reasons for opting for the new silicone gel breast implants.
Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Westchester NY
August 11, 2011
Dr. John F. Farella, a board certified plastic surgeon in New York, believes that liposuction, tummy tucks and other combination procedures are medical specialties comprising of reconstructive and cosmetic, or aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Lawrence Gray selected as Top Plastic Surgeon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
April 13, 2011
Dr.Lawrence Gray of Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center has been selected by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals as the top plastic surgeon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Scarless Breast Reduction Superior Method
March 11, 2011
Dr.Lawrence Gray first starting performing Liposuction Breast Reduction, a scarless procedure, in 1996.
Fall Evening of Beauty Exciting Event
November 24, 2010
Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center's Fall Open house was held Friday night, November 12th from 5 pm to 8pm.
Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center Offers Newest Fraxel System
September 27, 2010
Dr. Lawrence Gray of Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is proud to offer the newest Fraxel re:store Dual Wavelength System, a world class technology in non-ablative treatment, addressing a variety of conditions on all skin types, anywhere on the body.
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