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Sony Ps3 Is Hacked By True Blue Jb2
April 7, 2012
PS3 JB2 is also called PS3 Jailbreak2, it is released by Indonesian team last week. JB2 is a new product for Playstation 3 Jailbreak, it can play V3.60+ games on 3.55 OFW system (Such as FIFA 12).
Ps3 jb2 and ps3 jb king ,which is better?
April 6, 2012
The most recent period electronic dog new products a lot, following the recent run PS1, PS2, PSP games Cobra Electronics dog, today we are TrueBlue JailBreak 2 evaluation of electronic dog, commonly known as JB2.
True Blue PS3 hack : Price confirmed
April 6, 2012
Remember 1 year ago there is a Jailbreak Team bring us a PS3 Dongle called "Jailbreak" enable people playing back up games from external HDD and internal HDD, thousands of peopel are glad at this moment.
Buy cheap PS3 Jailbreak 2 True Blue JB2 USB Dongle v2.2 Update Released - HDD Playable Games Now Appearing
April 6, 2012
True to their word, even tho alot of people are still claiming 'fake', the 'True Blue JB2' team has released the v2.2 update PKG which enables the usage of your v3.6+ PS3 games from the HDD