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IP Cameras Used More with Android; IPhone: Chinavasion
January 2, 2013
IP cameras are useful little tools for capturing digitized video - something that works very well with the increasingly powerful smart phones running on Apple and Android operating systems.
Check That Your IP Camera Isn't Sharing Footage with Strangers: Chinavasion
January 2, 2013
IP cameras offer a lot of advantages by digitizing video feeds, online access being chief among them. This advantage also proves to be one of its most glaring vulnerabilities - but not if certain security measures are put into place.
IP Surveillance Camera: Solution to Sydney's Security and Monitoring Concerns
May 24, 2012
Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. With numerous businesses and shops and variety of infrastructure, one thing common in all is the use of IT systems. IT support provides services for these IT systems.
How to protect your data and maintain security
April 16, 2012
Data security is one of the major concerns of every enterprise; backup solutions powered by robust computer hardware mechanism
Backup Solutions, a Business' Insurance Against the Unforeseen
March 29, 2012
Backup solutions and surveillance systems are two of the basic security measures all businesses must have.