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With A Garden Room UK Homeowners Enjoy Addition Living Space Without Moving
October 16, 2012
Homeowners are looking for ways in which to increase the useful living space of their homes without having to move house. The garden room is one such potential addition providing space for any of a number of purposes.
The Ideal Way To Work From Home
August 31, 2012
If you are looking to work from home then a bespoke garden office might well be the answer to your prayers. We are lucky to be a nation of flexible workers - which means more of us than ever are working from home.
Cheshire-based company pledges high quality and value-for-money garden room extensions
August 8, 2012
A great variety of Britons across the country can benefit from the high quality and value-for-money bespoke garden room extensions on offer from Cheshire firm 'Swift'.
Ecospace Garden Buildings Keeping Children Off The Streets
July 29, 2010
Ecospace, a London based architectural company, supply an extensive range of ecologically friendly garden buildings