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Long Island Commercial Hood and Fire Suppression Systems
March 30, 2019
Ultimate Press ReleaseLong Island Commercial Exhaust Hood and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. We install, service repair, and provide full service inspection on all fire extinguishers and suppression systems in Nassau and Suffolk County, NY. Captiveaire and Ansul
How to safely use a fire extinguisher
January 24, 2013
Most people are not aware of how important fire extinguishers are in case of a fire and what a huge difference they can make when it comes to saving their lives and protecting their properties.
How to correctly use a fire extinguisher
December 20, 2012
Your safety and that of your assets should be your primary concern and you should take all the necessary measures to ensure that you have all the tools you need to protect yourselves.
Most common mistakes made while buying and using fire extinguishers
September 22, 2012
It is impossible to overlook the importance of a fire extinguisher in case of fire accidents. To buy the best fire extinguishers and be prepared for emergencies
Fundamentals of using the fire extinguisher safely
September 22, 2012
It is not enough to buy fire extinguishers to be equipped for emergencies. You should also know the right way of using the fire extinguisher
Be safe, have a fire consultant Warrington in your panel
September 6, 2012
Fire is something all of us are scared of. When there is fire raging all over people lose their senses and don't know what to do. And this is true for almost everyone.
Safety tips to use and maintain fire extinguishers
August 22, 2012
There can be nothing better than fire extinguishers to bring the flames under control before it turns into a raging fire.