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New magazine targets the young, professional, and faithful
March 31, 2013
Magazine shelves are full of the magazine about fashion, food, and fun times for ladies. Most of the magazines on shelves target younger women entering the professional world, typically between the ages of 22-39.
Faith Book Tells True Life Story of Woman Overcoming Traumatic Experiences
June 17, 2012
Some women lose everything they have except their faith. Imani is one of these women who has created a faith book in eBook and audio book format in hopes of inspiring others to trust in God to see them through their darkest times.
Inspirational Messages in a Cookie - Convenant Cookies
April 11, 2012
Founded by Lauretta Pierce in 2005, Covenant Cookies has gone from a household idea inspired by God to a successful business satisfying multitudes of customers every day. As many of you know, success does not come easy.
Local Business Mogul 'Fills Up' Empty Hope Tanks of the People with High Octane Fuel for the Soul
March 15, 2012
Detroit, MI March 15, 2012 - Javay Johnson, Transformational Speaker and Life Remodel Specialist, is proud to announce the success of the new Abundance of Faith Mustard Seed Necklace Movement.
David Edmisten, President of, has become the Atlanta Liberal Christian Examiner for
October 27, 2010
David will be contributing articles on the Atlanta Christian community and issues of faith
David Edmisten, President of, now a Featured Author on The Cypress Times
June 9, 2010
David will be creating weekly articles about faith and Christianity in a special section called Just Open The Book.