News by Tag: Critical Infrastructure

Germany Opens National Cyber Defense Centre to Safeguard Critical Infrastructure
June 17, 2011
Recently, Germany inaugurated a National Cyber Defense Centre in Bonn.
Sony Ericsson Faces Cyber Intrusion
May 27, 2011
In yet another security breach incident, cybercriminals intruded the servers of Sony Ericsson Canada.
IT Security Experts in Iran Discover New Virus Attack
April 26, 2011
Last July, the discovery of Stuxnet worm, which targeted industrial installations, created alarm among cyber security specialists. Recently, security professionals in Iran identified another new cyber espionage virus named 'Star'.
APCERT Conducts Drill to Safeguard Critical Infrastructural Facilities
February 24, 2011
20 Incident response teams from 15 Asia Pacific countries participated in the Drill
Hacker Halted USA Recruits Top Industry Experts for New Advisory Board
February 17, 2011
This new body will assist EC-Council in developing a top-tier program and agenda for its upcoming conference in Miami.