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Louisiana Business Has Significantly Increased
March 20, 2013
Louisiana yet again shows positive growth in economic numbers as businesses and residents make the most of available Louisiana demographics both statewide and locally in the City of Alexandria, Louisiana.
Cenla Has Been A Large Factor In The Stability Of The State Louisiana
March 20, 2013
Louisiana economic development is a vital part of what makes Louisiana a growing and thriving place for businesses to choose for corporate relocation.
Thriving Louisiana Business Can Be Seen Especially In The City Of Alexandria, Louisiana
March 15, 2013
Residents of the state of Louisiana are more than optimistic about the growth of Louisiana economic development due to the notable growth in the past four years alone.
One Of Cenla's Specialties Is Highlighting To Businesses The Most Valuable Resources
March 14, 2013
Any business considering Louisiana for corporate relocation has a strong ally with the LA Economic Development Corp, an organization that specializes in providing assistance to key industries, Louisiana economic development, and developing new opport