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Natural Ways To Firm Skin
March 5, 2013
Choose an organic beauty product to ensure it only contains ingredients that can be found in nature, which are easier on sensitive skin.
"Re-do" Procedures Increase As More Doctors Offer Plastic Surgery
January 24, 2013
Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., a board-certified plastic surgeon and the originator of SAFELipo® body contouring, explains why there has been a boom in the need for costly revision procedures such as corrective liposuction in Louisiana.
The Wall Center Awarded Allergan Black Diamond Certificate
January 24, 2013
The Wall Center has achieved Allergan's Black Diamond status, placing the plastic surgeons in Shreveport, Louisiana among the top 1% of all aesthetic practices in the U.S.
Anti-Aging Night Formula Nerium AD Treatment Delivering Results in Five Days
December 24, 2012
Anti-aging formula Nerium AD is a proprietary blend that is rejuvenating skin completely. The product is applied at night and can be used on face, neck and hands.
How To Reduce The Appearance Of Crow's Feet, Fine Lines And Furrows
December 17, 2012
Here are some ideas to help you reduce the appearance of your crow's feet, furrows and fine lines, as well as ways to prevent new ones from forming as you continue to age.
Plastic Surgeons Who Don't Stop Just Because of Holidays
November 21, 2012
For many people the rush is on to get their works in order as business prepare for the cut back in hours associated with the upcoming holiday season
Kaya Skin Clinic: Your place to go for expert & safe anti-ageing solutions
November 20, 2012
Services by expert team of Kaya dermatologists offers the perfect mantra 20 per cent discount on all age-control packages at Kaya Skin Clinic
Look Younger and Fresher Without Resorting to Botox
October 27, 2012
With so many cosmetic surgery options out there promising a quick fix for fine lines and wrinkled skin. But if you don't want to go under the knife or allow for Botox injections, how can you keep your face and neck looking youthful?
October 5, 2012
The Green Room, which is a highly respected clinic for people to regain their overall health, vitality and well being offers free 30 minute consultation for clients to understand their issues.
Botox and Juvederm Special Offers From Atlanta Plastic Surgeons
September 16, 2012
People go to great lengths to achieve the look they want whether it be hours at the gym to maintain our figure or Mary Kay to enhance our faces.
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