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Melissa Bel Electrifies at Honey Jam Showcase; on to Barbados to Perform
August 20, 2012
Melissa Bel selected as the winning act to perform in Barbados this coming November.
Shanique Myrie open flood gates for unscrupulous Jamaican females like Miss Tameika Rowe to enter Barbados at will and set up shop
July 27, 2012
The Caribbean Court of Justice having given Miss Myrie leave for her case to be heard before the same court seems to have release the flood gates for Jamaican women who are up to no good to enter Barbados and open shady businesses.
Press Release:Presses's Fair Use Versus Owner's Copyright
November 25, 2011
Over zealous journalist obtains photo from Adult Website after committing a tort and had irresponsible Media house publish said photo in Family paper without owner's consent.