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Manmade Launches Europe´s Largest Platform for Building Your Own Apps
March 14, 2013
With Manmade´s platform you can easily create your own iPhone + Android App for only € 24 per month, or choose a Mobile Web App for only € 12 a month.
XpressReparation Provides Tutorial Videos and Sell Repair Kits for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Users
March 1, 2013
XpressReparation now offers do-it-yourself tutorial videos and sell repair kits for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users.
Pokerplay.se - the complete guide to playing poker
February 28, 2013
Pokerplay.se is a professional poker guide with a focus on how to make profitable investments and become a smart, disciplined player.
Cosarro Software Launches TripMe, the new iPhone Travel Guide Application
February 28, 2013
Cosarro Software has recently launched a new travel guide iPhone application, TripMe, which allows to search and meet up with fellow travelers, chat with them, share pictures or organize trip event
File System to SharePoint Migration Tool: Features Re-Iterated
February 20, 2013
News to make users informed about the abilities of software application to migrate file system to SharePoint effectively.
CherryPlayer enjoys increasing success after it is awarded a 4 Star rating from CNet!
February 13, 2013
CherryPlayer, the brilliant new Multimedia Player received a 4 Star editor's review recently from CNET, the popular technology hub where tech-savvy users go for advice and the latest technology news.
Virtual Hard Drive Partition Recovery via Helpful Feature
February 8, 2013
News to refresh user's memory regarding the commendable abilities of software for Virtual hard drive partition recovery.
Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint Migration - New Informative Website Availed
February 2, 2013
New informative website for elaborating complete idea about Exchange public folder to SharePoint migration is introduced recently and it helps to use SharePoint Organizer intelligently.
Author David Thulin Releases "Handbook for Wheelchair Life" to Assist Individuals Newly Confined to the Devices Cope & Persevere
January 25, 2013
"Handbook for Wheelchair Life" is a new book written by David Thulin that helps individuals adjust to life in a wheelchair. It is an inspirational book full of wisdom, insight and practical advice.
New stock of clothing 2013 for fashion and beauty conscious people
January 4, 2013
Fashion is an expression of your personality. On Modeplatsen Magazine, you will surely find the clothing style of 2013 to help you to personalize your style.
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