"Car Dog Seats" - advantages of getting reasonable and comfortable pet seat
The PR is written to tell you about the online "Car Dog Seats", offering finest quality and skin friendly pet seat
(prHWY.com) December 26, 2012 - Boise, ID -- Are you planning for a long vacation with your dog? Yes...! Riding the car with your pet is not an easiest thing to do. Dogs are very playful, energetic and interesting pet. No matter how well-trained dog you have, can become excited while traveling with the owner in the car. Just like your family member your dog also requires some security products for complete safe and secure journey. However, if you are planning to take your pet on a road trip, then "Car Dog Seats" is here to present you security products and related accessories at market leading prices.

We offer Large Luxury Lookout Dog Car for the larger pets (up to 34 lbs) and for the multiple pets. Available in various designs, shapes, color-combinations, prints and sizes (19" H x 30" W x 17" D) with removable micro suede cover, this is best for your pet. All these are offered with 2 belt slot that add complete security measures including preventing injury during serious accidents and sudden stops. This is designed using high grade micro suede fabrics that ensure its strength, quality and durability. Apart from this, we also offer Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Pet Car Seat, which has a unique feature, a tray at the bottom. This tray is used to hold food, water dishes, toys, chews, leash or any other items. You can easily use these seats in the house as a bed or in the car as a booster.

Advantages of the dog seats:
* One of the important benefits of having a Car Seats for Dogs is that it makes your buddy companion comfortable in a long drive tours.
* Prevent you from getting distracted and losing your focus from driving.
* A good and sophisticated pet seat stops your pet's fur as well as dirt.

We are the one reputed and leading firms in the national and international market that offers Dog Car Harnesses at the market leading prices. At our well-developed manufacturing unit, these are stitched as per the international quality standards. Moreover, you can also visit our online website (http://www.cardogseats.com) to get the relevant information related with the other security products.


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