All of these are the les paul guitar composition
Rare les paul guitar!!!
( December 21, 2012 - Idaho, ID -- The brand-new Les Paul Studio Tribute design symbolizes the appearance and sound of the original Les Paul guitars from the 50s, at a value that fits the budget of the hardworking musicians today.

The studio model stays entirely to the script, but its 5 worn finish style from the 50s represent the wear of a eternal guitar that is well-played, plus meaty twin single-coil pickup P-90 provide an appearance similar to the timeless classics from the period of when Les Paul was born. The Worn Gold Top; Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst; Worn Honey Burst, Worn White and Worn Ebony finishes completely nailed the look of the five popular custom and standard finishes from the period, whilst its unbound system and neck, plus the mahogany chambered body with a carved maple-top help to keep its simplicity which countless players already appreciate.

The carved, solid maple top as well as the mahogany chambered body gives the Studio models a similar tone wood arrangement which has been assisting Les Paul's rock for almost fifty years. All 5 genuine style with 50s finishes offers a eternal guitar with an appearance of an original that is well played, whilst the unbound neck and body of the instrument ensure that it stays in accordance with the well-known black beauty les paul series.

In order to provide a vintage appearance and a raw, meaty sound of the original Les Paul from the 50′s, this Studio Tribute comes with a pair of Gibson USA, P-90 pickups and these are wired throughout the standard four knob control array, together with a three way Switch-craft toggle selector and high-quality orange drop sound capacitors over the tone baskets.Les Paul Studio Tribute has been designed with a strong quarter sawn neck made from mahogany; a fingerboard from rosewood and a traditional headstock set at a 17 degree angle to give excellent transference of a vibration energy, all of which are ingredients of les paul guitar ( standard model from the 50s.


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