FiveStead.Com Helps Students Cash in on their Skills to Pay the Bills
Students can work from home selling services and creative goods to earn extra cash on a flexible schedule that meets the demand of their course load
( December 7, 2012 - Toronto, Canada -- FiveStead.Com is a global micro job marketplace that provides flexible job opportunities to people to work from home and achieve a greater work-life balance that meets the needs of their life schedule. People can freely post their services including article writing, translation, data entry, graphic design, and more. The platform also enables people to sell creative goods including homemade jewelry, clothing, and greeting cards by offering advanced shipping features. FiveStead.Com arms sellers with a global reach, free marketing, and an established e-commerce platform to increase their income and work at home within their life schedule.

Students having a full or part-time course load sometimes meet challenges finding a job, in-particularly one that fits their changing and demanding schedule. FiveStead.Com helps students meet this challenge by providing them the opportunity to capitalize on small jobs that can be completed quickly at home and within their schedule. Students pick their own delivery date, define the scope of the work, and the amount of money they will be paid.

The other challenge student's face is earning additional income necessary to cover the ever increasing costs of College or University. FiveStead.Com supports the needs of students to earn extra cash by providing a no questions asked self-employment opportunity. Unlike the brick and mortar world of employment students simply create their own jobs by posting their own service offerings. There are no shortage of potential work opportunities because the micro job marketplace is actively promoted, marketed, and being searched by buyers looking to have work completed by people that work from home and freelancers. There are no interviews to get started, just a quick registration and the posting of a service being offered. There are no job barriers, no candidates fighting over one position, and no red tape. The nature of this work is so flexible it even makes a great second job to earn extra "gravy" income.

The skill level required for the small jobs is often not professional and is ideal for students seeking opportunities to learn, establish a client base, and gain valuable resume experience. By completing several small jobs students gain real world experience working with clients geographically dispersed and from diverse backgrounds. A global micro job marketplace such as FiveStead.Com provides global market experience to a student that is great for their resume and life experience. The client base students build and establish will follow them once their schooling is complete should they wish to continue working from home or freelancing for additional income. The diverse nature of the services students can offer will develop their skills in different areas. Graphic designers can make logos, build social media backgrounds, and design websites. Through this real world experience students are able to hone their skills and, or find true passion in a specific element of their craft. A student of Art and Literature might discover they love writing articles but particularly love writing science based articles.

FiveStead.Com's Micro jobs marketplace is not only a solution for students but it's an excellent option for anyone looking to earn additional income on a flexible schedule that allows them to achieve work-life balance. It is an ideal solution for stay at home parents or people with family responsibilities and obligations.

FiveStead.Com is a global micro job community and marketplace that empowers students to learn, gain working experience, build a client base, work on a flexible schedule, and to earn more money. Students can work from home on a work schedule that compliments their course load. The process takes only minutes to get started and requires only that students register and post the services they are willing to provide for money. The benefit of instant and flexible employment opportunities, free marketing, and an established e-commerce presence is tremendous.


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