Apple is all set to launch iPad 'mini' next week
Rumor mill is boiling over with iPad mini news and an official announcement seems just around the corner from Apple that will potentially bring many changes for the application developers.
( October 17, 2012 - Hicksville, NY -- The mini tablet segment has been ruled by Google Nexus for some time now and with the expected launch of iPad 'mini' next week, Apple is looking to capture this market. On 23rd October, Apple is going to host an event, where many believe that the launch of the iPad 'mini' is inevitable.

There are various rumors going around in the industry regarding the iPad 'mini'. The starting price is expected to be somewhere around $300 for this latest piece of hardware from Apple. The screen size is expected to be very close to that of Google Nexus. If one rounds up all the rumors going around then the iPad 'mini' will come in 2 color variants, black and white. It will have 4 variants in terms of storage capacity. 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and the price will run upto about $800. The basic 8GB model will be Wi-Fi only.

From Apple's perspective, with the introduction of such device, it remains to be seen whether it will result in a market cannibalization or whether co-existence of both iPad and iPad is possible. As iPad 'mini' will directly take on iPad 2 in terms of the cost, it will be interesting to see the outcome once the device is finally launched.

One of the important aspects of iPad mini from the app developer's point of view would be the resolution and the screen size. In the early days iOS developers had to design for a fixed screen size that was 3.5 inches. Now with the introduction of the likes of iPad and iPhone 5, app development players need to produce their work according to the device. So once again, it will be interesting to see the specs of the iPad 'mini' as the development will need to again adapt to the changes. iOS app developers who had gone through the change from iPhone to iPad app development should be able to adapt to this potential new change. For many it will result in more hours of research and QA.

"Our iOS app developers have already upgraded many of our clients' apps for the new iPhone 5. We are well versed with the changes needed when such new products are introduced in the market. In the case of iPad 'mini' we are not expecting any major changes but only a few small adaptations in terms of development and design." says Mr. Varshal, iOS Project Manager at OpenXcell Technolabs. OpenXcell Technolabs is a prominent mobile app development company. The company holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification and also it is a member of NASSCOM. Their headquarters is located in the US while their app development centre is located in India.

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